Thursday, 8 January 2009

A Mudballs Update

Yes, I know it's late but better late than never right.

Anyway, I have just uploaded the 'Christmas Cheer' release of mudballs which, unfortunately, will require a fresh install of mudballs for existing users as there was a rather egregious oversight regarding the updating of systems.

Noteworthy Features
  • A publicly editable wiki has now been made available at   New pages can be created by opening the appropriate URL. For example, will  show an option for creating a new page. 
  • The start of a mudballs FAQ can be found on it's wiki page:
  • down-casing of pathnames has been fixed. Down-casing will now only happen for components named with symbols.
  • New versions of all systems, including core systems such as :cl-ppcre, can now be updated without having to reinstall mudballs.
  • (mb:install :cl-ppcre :file "/path/to/file") now works.
  • The output path of component is now calculated correctly (including honoring the :fasl-output-root preference).
  • Uninstalled systems are no longer considered  for an operation if there is an installed version of the system present unless explicitly requested using the :version keyword.
  • The fasl-path of system definition files is no longer the same as components of a system as this was conflicting with the output of compiling components.
  • And other small fixes

As always mudballs is available for download from the releases directory and instructions can be found here.

Please let me know if any server on is not responding as my hosting provider is being a little flaky of late.

Thanks to the following people for reports and ideas.

- Magnus Malm
- Luke Renn
- Leigh Smith


Anonymous said...

I couldn't get the links you have posted. I get 404 errors.

Sean Ross said...

@kreelman: Thanks for the heads up. It appears that my considerate hosters bounced my server for me :(
I've got everything back up and running now.

Magnus Malm said...

Excellent with a wiki. :) Though I cannot access it. How do I get a username to login?

Sean Ross said...

@magnus: Thats annoying, I could have sworn it was publicly editable. Oh well, in the meantime there is a register link on the top right of the page which should
give you what you need.

Sean Ross said...

@Magnus: Public editing of the wiki is back up and running again, thanks for letting me know.