Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Announcing Mudballs

 This post is to announce the release of Mudballs, a collection of Common Lisp code for managing systems.  It is currently in an early stage of development and still has a long way to go but is currently able to compile,  load, document, download and install systems across Windows, Linux and Mac OSX. Mudballs supports the following implementations 
  • Lispworks on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.
  • SBCL on Mac OSX and Linux.
  • CMUCL on Mac OSX and Linux.
  • CLISP on Linux and Windows (Mac OSX as well provided  you have FFI).
  • ClozureCL/OpenMCL on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.
  • AllegroCL on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows.
 As it currently stands it is not ASDF compatible (not ideal, I know) but ASDF support is planned for the future. It is available from http://mudballs.com  which contains enough information to get the intrepid lisper on his or  her way.
 As a small taste, the following is now possible from a freshly installed Lisp with Mudballs loaded.

> (mb:install :hunchentoot)
> (hunchentoot:start-server :port 8080)

P.S.  Prizes for anyone that can come up with a logo which doesn't look like a pile of excrement.