Sunday, 29 March 2009

Hunchentoot and CCL on Windows. Take 2.

I recently posted a brief workaround for a bug in CCL on MS Windows which prevented Hunchentoot from responding to HTTP requests. 

Shortly after posting this I, and everyone else on the openmcl-devel mailing list, received an email from R. Matthew Emerson who has informed us that this issue was resolved in their SVN repository over a week ago and that CCL no longer needs the workaround I posted.

So for all those CCL+Windows users, you can now
svn update
(rebuild-ccl :clean t)
and ignore my previous post.


rme said...

I hope I didn't come across as snippy or imply that you should have known via paranormal mental powers or something that the bug was fixed in svn.

I'm glad to hear that the 32-bit Windows port is working as well as it is...

Sean Ross said...

@rme: Not at all, it just came across informative.